Twinkle Twinkle Wallmural – Premium

$90.00 per sq mtr

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Constellation wallpaper

A delicate mapping of colorful points share a motivating light show which brightens the background at home or in the workplace. Whimsically fragmented with vivid darker lines it opens the mind to productivity thus keeping with Spectrum´s innovative design well known for its stylish techniques. This wallpaper releases a sense of energy, reflective of a starry sky without overtaking the user´s concentration. Easily this creation would serve as a pleasant mural for both student and teacher alike. It is fitting for office and home, as the imagery is both casual and professionally appropriate.


Use the Wallpaper Calculator Below to order as per your Wallsize by entering the Height and Width of the wall in Metres.

1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


Twinkle Twinkle Wallmural – Premium
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