Textile Graffiti, Dusk Wallmural – Premium

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Textile Graffiti, Dusk

Hues of washed out blue, black, orange, yellow, purple and green lend a water-color effect to this soothing mural. Softly blending a pleasing reflection of tones, this design creates a laid back appeal suitable for a warm study. One gets the sensation of a dusky autumn stroll with bits of sun shining through a thick forest. A mosaic masterpiece with a blushing complexion, this is a perfect background for one who appreciates an artistic touch. This blend can be envisioned in a wide array of settings, adding a welcoming, tasteful appeal with its unique style.


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1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


Textile Graffiti, Dusk Wallmural – Premium
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