Neon City, black Wallmural – Premium

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Neon City, black – graphic wallpaper

A bucket of creamy white spills from the top of a black and bold background. Softly dripping downward, icicles come to mind as though looking out an office window on a snowy eve. This wallpaper suggests a timeless workspace, vivid and alert it exhibits a free style. Conducive to today´s most popular designs, the imagery is cleverly crafted and is a unique blend of movement and solidity. An intelligent boost to the office crew, it is also equally a favorite at home. The milky texture slides gracefully into the black embracing luxury.


Use the Wallpaper Calculator Below to order as per your Wallsize by entering the Height and Width of the wall in Metres.

1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


Neon City, black Wallmural – Premium
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