Chalkboard Wallmural – Premium

$90.00 per sq mtr

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A variety of geometric figures, drawn in dusty white, stand out on a dark chalkboard background. Prisms and cylindrical etchings create a well-planned design invoking a sense of sensibility and spaciousness. Perfect for the classroom or student´s environment this wallpaper promotes introspection, drawing out new possibilities and ideas to investigate. Although the absence of color, the broad range of shapes hold the mind´s focus without dulling the senses. A powdery demonstration of high quality composition engages the viewer offering a sensible, tasteful touch to both office and home. Chalkboard wallpaper is clearly a viable choice.


Use the Wallpaper Calculator Below to order as per your Wallsize by entering the Height and Width of the wall in Metres.

1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


Chalkboard Wallmural – Premium
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